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Why Industrial Internships are Important?

Webgurukul industrial internship and training program provides great opportunity to develop problem solving attitude. Get yourself more confident for IT job after completion of industry level internship and training at Webgurukul. This program make you technically strong which is demand of today’s IT companies. Well-developed technical skilled in web design and development, software development make you more preferred in IT sector.


Program Features

  • HTML 4.01 + HTML 5 (Basic - From Beginning)
  • CSS 2 + CSS 3 (Basic -From Beginning)
  • Photoshop CS6 (Basics of website template design)
  • Template Development Practical Assignments
  • Plugin Integration (Slider,Popups,Video,Audio, Maps)
  • Project Development (One full Website Designing)
Program Features

  • Basics of UI/UX
  • Principle of Designing (Colors, Typography, Design Thinking)
  • Photoshop CS6 (Basic - From Beginning)
  • Wireframing, Website Template Designing
  • Illustrator CC (Basic - From Beginning)
  • Object Creation, Logo Making, Brand Design
Program Features

  • Basics of RWD
  • Bootstrap Framework (Basic - From Beginning)
  • Bootstrap CSS, Components, JavaScript
  • Building Website Using Bootstrap
  • Develop Responsive, mobile first projects on the web
  • Responsive Testing and Hacks of Bootstrap


Program Features

  • Basics of programming
  • Learn How to Code?
  • PHP Programing Language (Basic - From Beginning)
  • MySQL Database (Basic - From Beginning)
  • CRUD Operation (PHP + MYSQL Interaction) Practical Assignment
  • Project Development (One full Website Development)
Program Features

  • Introduction
  • How to use IDLE
  • Basic of Python
  • File handling
  • Classes
  • Functions
  • Error Handling
  • Python with MySQL database
  • Project
Program Features

  • Introduction
  • Application Basics
  • Template Inheritance
  • Form
  • Validations
  • Controller
  • Database
  • CRUD operation
  • Eloquent Relationships
  • Project


Program Features

  • Introduction
  • Electronics Hardware
  • IoT Modules & Controller
  • Connectivity
  • Microcontroller Basic with ARDUINO programming
  • Peripherals & Component Interfacing
  • Introduction to Web Server & Technologies
  • IoT Application Interface using Internet & Android
  • IoT using Google Assistance
  • Web Based API Integration
  • Project Development
  • Live Project Demo
Program Features

    Installing WordPress
    • Uploading WordPress to your web server
    • Installing WordPress
    • Database Connectivity
    • Theme Customization
    Configuring WordPress
    • Using the WordPress dashboard
    • Managing content in the WordPress dashboard
    • Types of users
    • The WordPress settings panel
    • Reading and writing settings
    • Permalinks and RSS feeds
    • Creating and managing posts
    • Setting up post categories
    • Creating and managing pages
    • Managing comments
    • Installing and updating plugins
    • Customizing WordPress themes
    • WordPress theme options

Who can Apply?

  • Students from the technical stream (BE, BTech, BCA, MCA, BBA, Poly)
  • Students who are pursuing the graduation in any technical stream.
  • Pass out graduate or postgraduate students in any technical stream.
  • Open-minded technology lovers who want to explore IT profession.

Required Knowledge

  • Basic computer knowledge.

How to Apply?

Offline Registration

  1. Visit our office at 2nd Floor, Plot No.351, Great Nag Road, Opp. Arya Maruti Cars, Near Baidyanath Square, Nagpur - 440009
  2. Fill the registration form, submit your KYC documents along with the registration amount as per selected programs.
  3. Collect the receipt of admission.

Online Registration

  1. Click Here to Enroll

Via Email

  1. Send us mail at
  2. Mentioned program name along with the duration in the subject filed.
  3. Compose message according to your requirement and send to us.
  4. Our team will get back to you for further guidance.

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