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Advance SEO Training In Nagpur

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a process to optimize website in such an extent where that will appear higher on Google’s Search Engine. When you type any question or word phrase in search box of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Then search engine magically replies you with the most relevant answer to your question. But what's behind those magical technics do you ever think ? Here is your answer that every search engine you're using has a crawler that goes out and gathers information about all the query, question or whatever you typed in google box . The crawlers brings you the most relevant answer to your query. Learning in Digital Marketing Course in Nagpur lets you know how the search engine works with its functions like crawling and indexing.

In the Advance SEO when lots of things which are New, Where things are Technical and the things are Secret. Because, Google algorithm changed 200+ times last year and fraction of change will be definitely impact on people.

Learning in Digital Marketing Course in Nagpur, will keep you updated with all google algorithm with full knowledge. Here will definitely teach you all the things whichever new for you in SEO and make you first familiar with SEO. Our team will get to know you deep knowledge of technical SEO with spreadsheet, plug-in and code etc.

Who can Apply?

  • All branch graduates students or undergraduate students who want to learn SEO or Digital Marketing.
  • All stream students eg. Engineering, BCA, BSc, BBA, Bcom, BA.
  • Job seekers to get quick job in Digital marketing industry having basic knowledge of business.
  • Any who wants to learn a new skill or improve skill for there career.

Required Knowledge

  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • General knowledge of how Business or Market work.
  • Basics of HTML else alright if don’t know.

Advance SEO Modules

In Digital Marketing SEO module you will able to learn all the basic tactics and fundamental knowledge like what is Google algorithm, How search engine works, What is keyword research, Types of search engines, Types of SEO’s etc.

What will you are going to Learn?

What is SEO.

What is Keyword research.

What is competitors analysis.

What is Google updates.

What is On-page optimization.

What is Off-page optimization etc.

Advance SEO

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Advance SEO

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Certificate of Completion

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